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Mini-Grooming at Happy Grooming Puppies, in Boca Raton, includes a Hydromassage Bath. All Shampoos, and Conditioners used to bathe your pet are Hypoallergenic  and safe to use on your pets. In addition our Mini Grooming includes an  Ear Cleaning, Fluff Dry, Brushing, nail Clipping, and Shaving the Private Areas. We also include a free tooth brushing when you bring in your own kit. Otherwise kits are available for purchase at Happy Grooming Puppies.

Our Mini-Grooming-Groomer’s:

Its one thing to say your the best, and quite another to show it. Every mini-grooming our professionally trained Groomer’s do, adds another satisfied customer to our list. Its our years of experience, and our commitment and care that makes the difference. Our concern that your pets experience is stress free and a calm atmosphere is what matters to us. Its one thing to say your the best, and quite another to show it. Your first visit to our shop, and your first experience with our staff, will keep you coming back for many years.

Schedule your appointment with us today for your dogs mini-grooming. While booking an appointment with our groomer is best, we gladly accommodate all walk-in customers as well. Feel free to stop in and experience our mini-grooming service. Don’t forget to bring your pets toothbrush, or you can buy a cleaning kit right here in the store.

Happy Grooming Puppies will serve you, and your pet, with our expertise and experience, and commitment to your pets health. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you and your beloved pet the best mini-grooming experience. Grooming is a vital part in the well-being and healthiness of a dog which can improve their lifespan.

We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon. Allow us to provide the best possible service for your loving pet.