When you want the best in dog services come to Happy Grooming Puppies. Let our trained, experienced professional give your pets the care they deserve. Our dog services include Hair CutsNail trimming and clipping, Puppy Hair Trimming, Mini Grooming, Boarding, and Puppy Sales. No matter what your pet needs are, we at Happy Grooming puppies can provide the services your looking for.

Grooming Dog Services:

When bathing your pets we only use hypoallergenic, all natural, shampoo and conditioner. The Hair Cut and Mini grooming services includes: cleaning your pets ears, trimming their nails, and anal gland expression.

Nail Trim and Clipping Dog Services:

Want to insure your pets safety and health? One way is keeping their nails properly trimmed and clipped. Doing so will lessen a possible infection from a torn nail. Muscle strain is also associated with your pets nails being too long.  Another health issue with long nails is they can grow into the bottom of the foot pad causing mild to sever discomfort to your pet.

Boarding Dog Services:

At Happy Grooming Puppies we understand that times will come up when you must board your pets. You want to make sure your pet is going to be in a safe, low stress, and caring environment at these times. Your puppy or dog will be treated as if it was our own. We provide exercise, lots of love and a safe place for your pet. We encourage you to bring your pets favorite toy or blanket for their stay with us.

Puppy Sales Dog Services:

Our breeding is an endeavor of love not just a business. Happy Grooming puppies has been certified by West Palm Beach County as reputable breeders in the state of Florida. With over ten years of breeding experience we offer our clients the very best in puppies for sale. When choosing which of our dogs to breed we select the ones that have the best compatible traits to make for a great pet. this is a partial list of dogs we breed: Maltese, Shih Tzu, Yorkie’s  and Poodles. We also breed Designer Dog’s such as Maltese Shih Tzu mix, Maltese Yorkie mix and our Maltese Poodle mix for those who want something a little different.